The Princess Diana TY Beanie Baby

You can log into ebay, and see that the Princess Diana Beanie Baby is up for auction for a whopping $500,000 They will say how “rare” it is, how much of an “investment” this bear is, how controversial it is.

What you need to do is notice that of all the auctions that these bears are up for, you will not see a winning bid for that amount. So far the highest I have seen some of these beanies go up is in the $100 range. There was a few that were sold in the $1000 range, but my belief was that it was dummy bids in order to jack up the price.

I actually acquired a few of these beanie babies, and I will admit I did not know the first thing about what to look for with these rare beanie babies. I did not know what the difference was beteween any of the editions. I did not know what to look for and what not to look for. I did not know the values at all.

To my suprise I was able to buy 1 of these beanie babies for $2.00 and immediately turned around to sell it for $56.00, and i found another one for $.25 at a local garage sale and turned it around to sell it for $35.00  To me instant profit. I personally look to sell things quickly, at whatever price. This way it keeps inventory fresh, gets it out of the issue of storing, and makes way for a variety of items.

This is my research which I am extending to you in an easy to read guide. This way, the next time you see a beanie baby, you too will know what to do.

1-Where was it Made?

There are two places that the beanie baby was made- China or Indonesia

2-What is the material it is made out of

PVC or PE Pellets

3-Swing Tag-

With or without a space between Diana Princess of Wales

4-Tush Tag

With a red inside stamp or without. Please note the numbers are not individually numbered bears. They coincide with the factory lot. Over 40 million of these bears were made and distributed.

5-Stem on Rose-

Is it green or pale green

These are the 5 questions you want to ask yourself when looking at the Princess Diana Beanie Baby.

So lets take a look at it, one at a time


Made in China, PVC, No Space, Bright Green Stem, No red stamp

Second Edition-

Made in China, PE Pellets, No Space, Bright Green Stem, No Red Stamp

Third Edition-

Made in Indonesia, PVC Pellets, No Space, Bright Green Stem, No red stamp

Fouth Edition

Made in Indonesia, PE Pellets, SPACE, Pale Green Stem, No Stamp

Fifth Edition

Made in China, PE Pellets, SPACE, Pale Green Stem, No Stamp

Sixth Edition-The Bears Have Red Stamps

Made In China, PE Pellets, Space, Pale Green Stem, Stamped
This is my research on these beanie babies. I welcome any comments, thoughts, or corrections to the information above.


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